Fellowship Church was founded in 1977 by Pastor Kenneth Johnson.
He began with a dream and a core group of 12 people who gathered for Friday night teachings in various homes. As more and more people began attending, the group became too big to continue meeting in homes, so they rented an old church building in Momeyer, NC. This building was a real fixer upper with no running water and no bathrooms. In spite of these obstacles, the church still continued to grow.

Bishop Kenneth Johnson and his wife Lois founded our church in 1977 with a handful of people and a dream. Now Fellowship Church meets in its current sanctuary which seats 1000. What an amazing accomplishment in a small town like Nashville, and what a testimony to what God can do. Nothing is impossible with God. That is what Bishop Kenneth believes, and that is what he preaches. Bishop and Lois are people of stong faith and integrity. They love the people of Fellowship Church, and they continue to be dedicated and active in the church even after 30 years.

Pastor Michael Johnson has been the music minister at Fellowship for ten years, and has recently been enstated as senior pastor. He met his wife, Melanie, at church, and they have been married for ten years. They both love the people of Fellowship Church and enjoy serving God and His people. Melanie heads up the television ministry at Fellowship Church, and handles advertising and event planning. She loves her job. Mike and Melanie have two boys, Chandler and Cameron, who both want to play professional sports and be preachers.

God gave Pastor Johnson a name for the church: Nashville Praise & Worship Center, and two years after purchasing the property, the congregation held its first meeting in their very own, new brick facility. The church continued to grow, and in 1985, they built a larger sanctuary. In 1990 they built a family life center gymnasium, but soon had to use this facilty as a sanctuary because of more growth. In no time at all, they outgrew this facility as well.

Pastor Johnson then found himself faced with dilemma. In the mid 90’s The church needed to, once again, build an even bigger sanctuary, but when he tried to expand on the existing property, he discovered that they were land locked. This; however, did not deter his vision. God opened the door for the church to purchase 26 acres of land on Highway 58 in Nashville, and August of 2002, we began having services in our current 1000 seat sanctuary.

In September 2007, we celebrated 30 years in the ministry, and God spoke with Pastor Kenneth about making some changes. Pastor Kenneth turned over the office of Senior Pastor to his son, Michael, who was (and still is) our music director, and Pastor Kenneth moved into the office of bishop, or overseer of the ministry.

God began to deal with Bishop about changing our church name to mark a new era in our ministry. After much prayer, he chose the name Fellowship Church because we are all about people.

God has a great future in store for Fellowship Church. We know that the best is yet to come.