Leadership Team

Pastor Michael Johnson

Pastor Michael Johnson and his wife, Melanie Johnson

Pastor Michael Johnson grew up in the ministry of Fellowship Church under the leadership of his father, Bishop Kenneth Johnson.

At a very young age, Pastor Michael discovered his love for music as he began singing in church. As he grew older, he decided to turn this love into a career and majored in music, receiving a Bachelor of Music from East Carolina University and a Master of Music from the University of Tennessee. His goal was to sing opera professionally. He was on his way to reaching that goal by placing in Metropolitan Opera and National Association of Teachers of Singing competitions, when something happened that changed his direction. God called him to join with his father to become the music minister of Fellowship Church.

So in 1997, he returned to Nashville and settled into the role of music minister, bringing with him a variety of styles from classical, urban, rock, gospel, and rap. He feels that all styles of music can be used to glorify God and minister to the people. For ten years he worked to bring the music program at Fellowship Church to the cutting edge of contemporary praise and worship. Then in 2007 there came another change for Michael: God called him to preach.

Michael’s father, Kenneth Johnson, who had been the pastor and founder of Fellowship Church for thirty years, decided to take on a new position. He became the overseer, or bishop, and he asked Michael to become pastor. God moved on Michael’s heart to accept this calling, and now he is the pastor of Fellowship Church under the direction of his father, Bishop Kenneth Johnson.

Currently Pastor Michael has a dual role. He remains as music minister, but he also pastors. He says that he loves what he does. The music will always be a part of him, but now he can share the word of God through sermons as well. He has a great love for the people and he looks forward to a long future with the church family of Fellowship Church.

Pastor Michael is married to Melanie Johnson and has two sons: Chandler and Cameron.

Bishop Kenneth Johnson

Bishop Kenneth Johnson founded FellowshipChurch thirty years ago with a handful of people and a dream. With small beginnings, a congregation of only six people met weekly in someone’s home to hear Bishop Johnson bring forth the word of faith.

After a few months, the home became too small to accommodate those who were eager to hear God’s word, so the congregation moved to an old abandoned church in the area. There was no indoor plumbing. The only running water was brought by ushers who ran in and out of the building with buckets. In spite of these backward conditions the church continued to grow and soon, it outgrew this facility as well. They purchased six acres of land in rural Nashville where they placed a double-wide trailer to be used as their sanctuary. When they outgrew this building, they built their first permanent structure. More growth prompted them to build two more larger buildings on the same six acres of land.

When growth continued, Bishop realized that there was no more space on their current property in which to build a sanctuary, so he began to search elsewhere. God opened a door for the congregation to purchase 26 acres on Highway 58 in Nashville, which is the current location of Fellowship Church. The new sanctuary, which opened in 2002, will seat 1000 people. Future plans now are to build a gym-family life center as well.

Bishop Johnson has been, and still is, faithful to God and the people of Fellowship Church. Although he is no longer the Senior Pastor, he is far from retirement. He still has more visions and dreams for the future of Fellowship Church.