Pastor Pam

View More: Pam Bailey began attending Fellowship Church in 1995 as a teenager. She attributes her spiritual foundation to the church. Pastor Pam is a graduate of Peace College in Raleigh, NC and received her MA in Counseling from Biblical Theological Seminary in Hatfield, P.A. Upon returning to North Carolina in 2010, she became the Youth Pastor of the portico student ministries. In 2012, she was ordained by Fellowship Church Theological Seminary.

Pastor Pam has a passion for student ministry, and seeing them reach their full potential as disciples of Christ.

Pastor Pam loves spending time with family and friends. Gray and Pam have four boys, Judah, Mack, Zeke and Walt, two dogs, one cat, and three hermit crab. Her hobbies include QVC, all things Christmas, photography, and family time.

She can be reached via email at