The mission of the children’s ministry at Fellowship Church is “pointing kids in the right direction” (Prov. 22:6 MSG). The following children’s ministries embody that mission and strive to live it out with every child.

Fellowship Kids

Many grownups can remember what is was like when they were little kids, and they had to sit perfectly still in grownup church, and listen to a grownup message that they couldn’t understand. It seemed that breathing too loudly could result in being taken to the bathroom for a little silencing from mom and dad. The clock never moved as you prayed that God would let it be over soon. The words “church” and “fun” definitely did not go together, but at Fellowship Kids, boredom is a thing of the past. Kids have their own church, with their own pastor, their own praise and worship, and lessons geared to their age level. Puppets, skits, and games are just some of the exciting activities used to teach God’s word in a kid-friendly way. Come join us every Sunday during regular church hours (10AM-Noon).


This is a super-fun place for three and four year olds to play and learn about God while their parents go to big church. In a well-supervised environment, children lift their hands and dance as they have their own praise & worship. This is followed by a Bible story time, singing time, snack time, art time, and play time. Teachers for this group use age-appropriate materials and a hands-on curriculum. Children are not asked to sit still for long periods of time, but are allowed to be children. Bring 3 and 4 year olds to Little Lambs and feel secure in knowing that they are in good hands, having fun, and learning about Jesus.

All Babies for Christ (AB4C) Nursery Ministry

Not just a baby-sitting service – AB4C is truly a ministry to parents and children. Imagine trying to focus on worshipping God while attempting to keep your baby quiet in service, or even worse, trying to worship while wondering if your children are safe in the hands of nursery workers. At Fellowship Church, these are two worries you won’t have. Our AB4C Ministry is staffed with experienced mothers who once had their own children in our nursery. When you leave your children at AB4C, you can know that they are safe, having fun, and learning about the love of Jesus.