Youth Ministry

Fellowship_Portico_LogoThe mission and vision of the portico student ministries is simple: “Love God, love people”. The portico strives to ignite a passion in teens to serve and worship Christ through their love for Him. The portico also creates opportunities for outreach and service in the local community.

With so many voices telling you what you should be, how do you know who you are? Family, friends, TV, radio: they are all coming at you with a different message. How do you hear the right voice? How do you choose the right path? At the Portico, you will learn to hear God’s voice, and He will become real to you through His word. You will discuss problems dealing with school, friends, dating, and many other topics relative to your world. You’ll rock to live, upbeat praise and worship music, socialize, and have a great time. Don’t miss out.

  • Portico service is 7 pm every Wednesday at the Outreach Center. Pre-service activities start at 6 pm and include game room, praise/worship practice, snack bar, prayer time, etc.
  • Portico bible study is the 2nd & 3rd Sunday night of EVERY month at 5 pm. All students meet in the hospitality room of the Main Campus.